Here’s How to Style Your Bedroom with Eco-Friendly Home Décor

A well-designed room is not all about aesthetics. Yet a lot of people tend to focus only on creating something that is visually appealing rather than actually combining the elements of functionality, sustainability, and style to really embody the true definition of a great design. An expensive-looking bedroom, embellished with gleaming accessories, and lavish furniture is a typical scene.

You’ve probably seen these undeniably swoon-worthy bedroom design ideas on Pinterest and Instagram. It’s everywhere! But when it comes to sustainability, there are only a few that talks about how you can fundamentally make your bedroom design eco-friendly yet maintaining its allure and sophistication.

Now is the best time to change your perspective and find alternative eco-friendly home décor to spruce up your space. So, if you’re wondering how to style your bedroom with these products, we’ve unearthed a few tips to help you kickstart your journey to home décor sustainability.

Let’s dive right in!


1.   Choose organic

Almost all eco-friendly pieces are made of natural organic materials. Aside from it being sustainable, going organic also helps to support local artisans who craft and weaves these décor pieces to life. Incorporating these natural elements in the room is also a great way of bringing nature in. It elevates the warmth and coziness of the bedroom and makes the room look more relaxed and peaceful. Nothing can evoke such a vibe quite like the presence of nature!

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2.   Add a favorite nook

Bedrooms can’t be boring. Even though we spend most of our time sleeping in our bedrooms, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t make an effort to make it a little bit more interesting. There are many ways to add a comfy spot or nook where you can read books, watch Netflix shows, or just lounge on a lazy Sunday afternoon. You can choose to go for large accent chairs, an ottoman, or a cute bean bag. But if you add an eco-friendly piece to add character to your bedroom, like a hammock for example, now that’s a whole new level of sustainable design.

A bedroom with a hammock! What an ingenious way to create a character in a bedroom. Just imagine spending a chill afternoon in the hammock for a short nap. That surely would be my favorite nook.

So, I thought these would inspire you!





3.   Don’t forget the cozy elements

Your bedroom should give you quality comfort more than anything else. The bed frame, the mattress, blankets, and pillows are some of the things that you should take the time to pick so you’d end up creating a nice, warm, comfortable bed to dive into after a long tiring day.

Aside from its quality, design matters too. Since the bed is the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom, it acts as the focal point of the interior. That is why it is so important to style it to achieve the interior appeal you desire to see. You can decorate the bed with throw blankets and throw pillows that complement the overall color palette.









4.   Engage your sense of smell


When you enter a room the first thing that you would notice is the smell. Scent décor matters as much as visual décor. It is what makes you want to stay in a room. Of course, you won’t really stay long in a place that seems awful. The scent helps create the perfect ambiance and it also enhances your mental clarity. It relieves stress and anxiety and it soothes you before going to bed which helps you to have a well-rested sleep. Find your next favorite scent by browsing through our catalog of fragrances right here.

5.   Spruce it up with home décor

Decors and accessories are considered the final touches in interior design. It is what completes the space so it has a more finished and refined look. Your choice of décor affects your interior design composition. Make sure that all the décor pieces you choose complement your interior style of choice.

To pull off that eco-friendly bedroom design, refrain from using decors made of plastic. Opt for something that is made of organic materials or metal. Also, decide how you are going to integrate the décor pieces into the space so that you’ll have a clear picture of how the room would look like even before you purchase the items.  

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6.   Incorporate greeneries

Plants are perhaps the simplest, easiest, and most cost-effective way of making any room eco-friendly. However, few people realize that putting a lot of plants in the bedroom is not always design-wise and visually appealing. We know that plants also absorb carbon dioxide and releases oxygen during the day. But this is not always the case during the night. Some plants tend to do the opposite.

Therefore, it is important to carefully pick the right plants for the bedroom. To maintain your bedroom’s aesthetics, choose how you can display these plants where they get enough sunlight and at the same time, make your room look vibrant and fresh all the time.

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7.   Style with rugs

Another way to add a pop of color and style to your bedroom is by placing rugs. Rugs add an extra charm to a bedroom making the space feel warmer and cozier. Different kinds of rugs serve different purposes. You need to pick the right rug material with regards to your needs or wants and also take into account the time and effort you can allocate to maintain it.

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8.   Hang wall arts

We can’t possibly talk about bedroom décor without mentioning wall arts. It is one of those décor pieces that can’t be missing in any room. Hanging wall art is another way to create a focal point. It makes your bedroom more personalized. It is entirely up to you on what to hang on your walls as long as it complements the whole interior design scheme.

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You’re all set!

I think you’re now ready to join the movement and help advocate the use of sustainable and eco-friendly home decors! Even the simplest act of using these products in your everyday life makes a difference. So, embrace green living by making your bedroom eco-friendly! Check out our catalog of products for more eco-friendly items!