The Value of Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Products


Fill your home with products that are more than just beautiful, but mindfully sourced and processed, as well. The stunning designs that you see being advertised don’t have to come at the expense of your environmental impact – and they shouldn’t! We should be able to enjoy gorgeous products and décor for our homes guilt free, and we can when we purchase eco-friendly products that are sourced sustainably. Environmentally conscious, sustainable, products often have a perception that the product is of lesser quality or aesthetic, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. With a stronger understanding of what sustainable products are, it’s easy to realize the phenomenal quality that comes with them.

What Are Sustainable Products?

Sustainable products are those that are sourced and processed with long-term impact front of mind. We don’t have endless resources on our planet, so we need to nurture the ones we have and build systems to help them last. Materials are sourced where they are the most prevalent, and in the area a material grows or comes from, there is only so much supply. To help that supply last over a long period of time, it can’t all be used in a short period of time – demand will just continue, but there will be no supply to support it. Beyond the supply of the material being depleted, that natural resource going away has detrimental impacts on the local ecosystem and economy.

Outside of how products are sourced, sustainability also includes how products are made, ensuring every step in the process is ethical as well as ensuring the production doesn’t harm the environment. This side of sustainability includes treating employees with respect and using appropriate labor practices, ensuring product processing and packaging are environmentally safe, and anything else related to the impact on people and the environment the products have. Sustainability, in short, means the products being sold were made with mindfulness of the environmental and ethical impact.

Must-Have Sustainable Products

Now that you understand why purchasing sustainable products is so valuable, you’re probably eager to see what products are out there! Here are three amazing, sustainable, products that support the local artisans they are sourced from:

  1. Raffia Tray: This stunning Raffia woven tray is what every coffee table is missing. The boho-inspired piece is a décor purchase you can feel good about.
  2. Cup Drink Set: A set so gorgeous, you may only use it for décor – this hand-made set of a pitcher and four cups is available in multiple colors and styles. Style together or separately, either way, they are sure to stand out during your next dinner party.
  3. Bird’s Nest Fern & Basket: Though it may look it, the plant in this beautiful, hand-woven, rattan basket is real! Add some dimension to a space while purifying the air with this great, environmentally friendly, product.

Sustainable products shouldn’t be the alternative, but rather the norm. Especially knowing that eco-friendly products don’t mean you need to sacrifice style. Fill your home with products that bring you joy and give you peace of mind that you are doing your part for the environment.