3 Fair Trade Brands Committed to Artisanal Tradition and Sustainability

How Korissa, Carthage, and Slate + Salt each represent Kumiho’s core mission

At Kumiho, we love exposing customers to unique North American brands and artisans that they won’t find at any other retailer.  Be it a hand-painted serving bowl or a natural canvas tote bag, every item in our specially curated catalog exemplifies beauty, breathtaking craftsmanship, and unparalleled attention to detail.  However, our mission is much bigger than selling great home décor products. 

The brands and artisans we showcase are committed to fair trade practices and sustainability.  Everything they create, and thus every item that we sell, serves a higher purpose, exemplifying the connective thread between the consumer, the environment, and the culture in-between.

We’re inspired by all of the brands featured in our store, for the way they preserve tradition and heritage, for their relentless dedication to quality, and for their respect and gratitude for nature.  But there are three brands in particular that perfectly demonstrate the Kumiho ethos – Korissa, Carthage, and Slate + Salt.



Korissa is a New York-based lifestyle brand focused on inspiring modern shoppers to purchase consciously.  Started by two everyday moms, Nora and Angela, the company has designed a production process that addresses both income inequality and climate change.  Korissa ensures that each of its products is socially and environmentally responsible.  All materials are locally sourced, local artisans are paid above-average fair wages, and each product is inspired by the artisanal heritage of the region in which it’s produced. In short, from creative storage solutions to fashion-forward accessories, Korissa enables today’s consumer to look good without sacrificing the health of the planet or the well-being of the global workforce.


Named after the ancient Tunisian city, Carthage specializes in artisanal stoneware that offers high-end quality without the luxury price tag.  All of Carthage’s handcrafted ceramics are ethically sourced and painstakingly produced, evoking the kinds of astonishing goods you’d find at a Tunisian open air market.  Carthage bridges the gap between African customs and American consumers, working in partnership with local manufacturers who treat their workers with respect and then bringing these pieces directly to consumers.  This process – a direct-to-consumer sales channel and one-on-one relationships with manufacturers – enables the brand to offer items like the uniquely glazed, colorful Tapas Set for less than $50.  Carthage combines value, fair trade practices, and artistry for an unrivaled experience.

Slate + Salt

Slate + Salt’s mission is two-fold – its collection of fair trade jewelry, bags, accessories, and apparel must preserve traditional techniques and support the global fair trade movement.  The brand produces its pieces by hiring rural artisans in areas of extreme poverty.  By working with these specific communities, Slate + Salt ensures fair, safe working conditions, empowers women entrepreneurs, and enables better childhood education for local families.  In addition to the socioeconomic impact of the brand’s business model, the artisans’ handiwork results in truly one-of-a-kind pieces that can’t be replicated elsewhere.  When you buy a Herringbone Cashmere Throw or a Cambodia Tapestry Throw, you aren’t only adding a detailed accent to your living room – you’re supporting communities in need and conserving age-old practices for generations to come.

Each of these brands – Korissa, Carthage, and Slate + Salt – maintains the perfect balance between sustainability, cultural preservation, and well-made products.  They prove that consumerism doesn’t have to come at the cost of the environment or the talented men and women who bring each of these incredible items to life.