The Beautiful Capabilities of Upcycling Cotton – The Hilana Fair-Trade Story

It wasn’t that long ago when sustainability, eco-friendly home décor, and upcycled cotton products were not even radar blips within people’s minds. In fact, it wasn’t until around the 1980s that people began realizing just how essential sustainability and recycling were to drive positive environmental and wellbeing change. Fast forward to today, the entire sustainable market is predicted to jump 24.3% by 2027, an applaudable shift that will surely benefit all living creatures here on earth one way or another.

Now, there are tons of reasons and efforts that have all helped lead this advancing eco-friendly strive. But if there is one thing for sure, these outcomes would not be where they are today without incredible fair-trade artisans and brands like Hilana who have successfully transformed sustainable living into both a beautiful and meaningful experience.

Who Is Hilana and What Do They Stand For?

Built on a foundation of authenticity, integrity, and trust, the Hilana brand is an extraordinary fair-trade resource whose entire product line is derived from upcycled cotton. Not only do these dedicated fair-trade artisans create exceptional home décor pieces that can improve any home aesthetics, but their efforts using upcycled cotton simultaneously reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce energy consumption, reduce water consumption, and drastically reduces overall textile waste. In general, Hilana was developed by a bit of chance and a bit of purpose seeking, and the underlying mission to leave the world a little better (and beautiful) than they found it.

Why do they do this?

Sure, these fair-trade artisans love creating unique, innovative, and opulent home décor in and of itself, but they stand for so much more than just that. Diving under the surface, the Hilana team is driven towards making a real difference and help others do the same. They understand how often people may want to reverse the eco damages done but are unsure how. That very notion is why they do what they do – to help you do your part in sustainability, gain luxury-made pieces, and have the confidence that you are contributing to a higher cause no matter what upcycled cotton item you buy.

The Hilana Story – Then to Now

The story behind Hilana is quite an impressive one. Prior to Hilana becoming the leading upcycled cotton brand it is today, the concept first emerged when Pía moved to Mexico City, where her brother was recycling textiles in Tlaxcala. Upon visiting the textile recycling factory, she gained an instant admiration for the trade and quickly saw how much potential the activity had. In short, it didn't take long for Pía and her partner to get involved themselves, soon launching their first collection for a Chilean retail chain. With the raving 5-star feedback, the duo team took their efforts a step further, which was internationalizing their brand in the US.

That internationalizing progression was a significant milestone, as it ultimately bolstered their demand so much that it led to them move their production to Turkey - an assurance relocation to guarantee high quality with the uptick in volume. From there, they began collaborating with qualified artisans based in Denizli, all of which were from a dedicated family of weavers who held over three decades of experience. With all of these brilliant minds and dexterous hands working together, it harmoniously positioned Hilana to become a now highly respected sustainable brand, and one that continuously strives to raise the industry standards bar.

Summary – Where Gorgeous Home Décor Meets Compassion

In summary, the Hilana fair-trade brand has already left empowering impressions in both people’s homes and the environment with their vast upcycled cotton collections. Though their road to success was as challenging as it was rewarding, the unique artisan team persevered through the financial obstacles, mistakes, and learning curves of launching a triple impact business – an enriching 3-year journey that has proven valuable towards the sustainability push and keeping the artisan trade alive.

Overall, every purchase a person makes can either help or hinder the environment. If you want to make a genuine difference globally, support the world of fair-trade artisans, and gain stunning home décor at the same time, then check out the inventory of Hilana products today. Never underestimate how influential you can be, and never forget that your purchases, voice, and efforts truly do matter.